Friday, August 21, 2009

A Quick Tip on lighting using fluorescent lights

Great Lighting

- When setting up for a video shoot, even lighting is essential. In most cases, the biggest difference between a video shot professionally versus a video shot on an amateurs level is the quality of lighting in the video.

In a well lit video, even with use of a home camcorder, immediately delivers a professional image. In a poorly lit video, no matter how expensive the camcorder that you’re using is, the end result says "amateur".

Using fluorescent lights - A quick way to get smooth, even, lighting in your video is to use natural color fluorescent lights. Here are the advantages of using fluorescent:

  • They don't produce any heat, which can be a real problem when shooting in confined spaces.
  • They produce natural, even, lighting that tends to surround the subject.
  • They don't produce harsh shadows.
  • They don't blind the talent.
  • They are quite affordable, less than $40 per fixture.
  • They can be left on full time.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

4 Steps to Producing Great Video Content

1. Create your big ideas and concepts into a visual story
  • Whether it is marketing a product, distributing information, or client / customer testimonials, all is relevant and can be used to create a visual story.
2. Storyboard out your visual story with illustrations or pictures
  • Visual illustrations will help tremendously as you attempt to bring your ideas and concepts to life. Come up with a linear story in visual form of how you would want your ideas or concepts to unfold. This will assist you as a guide during the production phase of your project.
3. Video shoot each frame developed in storyboard
  • Refer to your storyboard when shooting video as this will guide you and help keep the vision of the project consistent with your initial concept. Feel free to revise your storyboard to achieve your desired result.

4. Edit video to highlight the most compelling and engaging content
  • During the editing process, this is your opportunity to make sure that you are conveying the right message to your viewers in a compelling and engaging way. The sequential order of shots, correct use of audio, and proper use of images will determine the effectiveness of your visual masterpiece. So when editing, take your time and try different approaches and edits to see what best suits the project.
Connect. Converse. Create.

Written by Alphonso Dormun (Videography Expert)