Friday, August 21, 2009

A Quick Tip on lighting using fluorescent lights

Great Lighting

- When setting up for a video shoot, even lighting is essential. In most cases, the biggest difference between a video shot professionally versus a video shot on an amateurs level is the quality of lighting in the video.

In a well lit video, even with use of a home camcorder, immediately delivers a professional image. In a poorly lit video, no matter how expensive the camcorder that you’re using is, the end result says "amateur".

Using fluorescent lights - A quick way to get smooth, even, lighting in your video is to use natural color fluorescent lights. Here are the advantages of using fluorescent:

  • They don't produce any heat, which can be a real problem when shooting in confined spaces.
  • They produce natural, even, lighting that tends to surround the subject.
  • They don't produce harsh shadows.
  • They don't blind the talent.
  • They are quite affordable, less than $40 per fixture.
  • They can be left on full time.

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  1. Great post. Entrepreneurs need to understand that there are several ways to generate engaging video for their audiences: professional; user-generateted; expert-generated; and internally-generated